Beverly Hills Destination Development Plan: Introduction

Tourism is a vital part of the Beverly Hills economy and contributes significantly to the high quality of life residents enjoy. In 2016, spending by visitors to Beverly Hills generated $56.6 million in lodging and sales tax revenues— 26% of the City’s general fund. Each household saved $3,100 in equivalent city services.

The continued vibrancy of the local travel and tourism industry is not something we can take for granted. Changes in who wants and can afford to travel has and will continue to impact the local travel and tourism industry. This includes the luxury travel segment, which is experiencing demographic changes, the impact of e-commerce and social fashion, and increased demand for a unique experience. 

The Beverly Hills Destination Development Plan, a joint venture between the City of Beverly Hills and BHCVB, will answer this important question: How can we ensure our destination is as relevant 10, 15, even 20 years from now as it is today? We will work with key stakeholders to create a vision for the destination and deliver a blueprint to make progress toward that vision over time. By proactively supporting a vibrant travel and tourism industry, and working collaboratively toward realizing a shared vision, the Destination Development Plan will help to preserve and enhance the Beverly Hills quality of life, while setting the stage for ongoing economic growth in the sector.

The Destination Development Plan will include the following elements:

  • Introduction
  • Situation Assessment
  • The Vision for the Destination
  • Big Moves to Make our Vision a Reality

For each Big Move…
o What is the move?
o Why are we making this move?
o Who is responsible?
o How will we get it done?
o What are areas of uncertainty and related strategic implications?

  • Implementation Plan

o Governance structure
o Governance process
o Managing for uncertainty

The perspective of Beverly hills residents is very important to us as we plan for the future of the tourism economy. Please watch this website for updates on the planning process and for opportunities to contribute your voice.


Published June 14, 2018