• My name is Fred, and my family lives by a very “pup-ular” saying: work hard, play hard! My parents reward us with trips to Beverly Hills where we all get to romp and play, and we always have a fantastic time. On our last vacation, the Visitor Center suggested we go for a walk to the Witch’s House. I was a little scared but figured I “mutt” as well see what it was all about – we had so much fun taking photos of ourselves in front of it and posting on something called Instagram! My family loves movies, so while I hung back at The Beverly Hilton, they enjoyed visiting Greystone Mansion & Gardens. They told me the grounds and views are idyllic and so many movies have been filmed there, including Austin Powers: Goldmember, The Social Network and Spider-Man. When it comes to meals in Beverly Hills, my mom and dad like to stick to the classics for breakfast, and they always take us to Nate ‘n Al’s. If my siblings are well behaved, they get to dine at Ocean Prime, which I am a big fan of because the doggy bags from there are “pawsitively” the best! My mom loves shopping at Geary’s and Lululemon, but my dad and sisters simply enjoy lying by the pool and relaxing. My family is the doggone best, but can you tell them to please stop dressing me up with boas?!

    Scroll down to see some of Fred’s favorite spots in Beverly Hills!

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