The Peninsula Beverly Hills

The Suite 100 at The Peninsula Beverly Hills pays homage to the birth of modern luxury in the 1990s, when the hotel opened. Photographic murals depicting a Red Carpet arrival flank the walls. The dining table is lit by a sparkling crystal chandelier. The bedroom is decorated with photographs of Hollywood A-Listers. Guests who book The Peninsula Beverly Hills’ Suite 100 package enjoy an immersive experience in the era, starting with an iPod playlist of '90s music and DVDs of 1990s Oscar-winning movies. They enjoy lunch in a poolside cabana; a Peninsula Spa treatment and an array of Oscar de la Renta scents and beauty products from The Peninsula Spa. The hotel’s Chef Concierge, James Little, personally curates the guests’ evening plans. In addition, they are given the private phone numbers of Managing Director Offer Nissenbaum and Executive Chef David Codney, who are happy to assist with their personal hotel and dining needs.